Worktree is adapting to ensure continued delivery of employer encounters to students, helping guide them towards a future career.

Schools are looking for solutions to ensure they reach Gatsby benchmarks, whilst keeping their staff and pupils safe. In response to this, Worktree is developing Career Snapshot: a browsable library of videos from real workers answering students’ most common questions.

We need you!

For Career Snapshot to be a success, we need to gather hundreds of video responses from a diverse range of jobs and workers. That’s where you come in. By simply following the instructions below you can record video responses to 6 questions about your job and help students on their path towards a career.

How to Record your Snapshot

Recording your snapshot is easy and can be done from the comfort of your own home, providing you have a device with a camera (i.e phone, tablet, laptop or computer). Please be aware Willo does not work on Apple’s Safari browser.

To record your snapshot simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Fill out the registration Form

We need to gather a little bit of information about you and your job. To do that we need you to fill out a quick form before you can proceed.

Step 2: Follow the link to Willo Talent

After you complete the form, click the link to Willo Talent, a video recruitment platform we are using to gather responses.

Step 3: Record your answers

Willo will take you through the question’s students want to ask. Simply record your genuine responses. You can record, review and re-record your responses as many times as you like until you are happy to submit them. But there is no perfect!

Why Career Snapshot?

Enable Employer Encounters

COVID-19 means it is unlikely Worktree will deliver its usual Career Workout sessions in schools. Career Snapshot allows us to deliver a similar experience without risk of spreading the virus.

Ensure Worktree’s Future

Worktree relies on funding from our events in schools to operate. Without this funding, we would simply not be able to continue helping students on their career path.

Nationwide Career Education

Being a digital platform means Career Snapshot can easily be delivered to any school in the country without the need for an established network of volunteers in the area.


Who is Worktree?

Worktree is a UK charity with a mission to deliver real employer encounters to as many school pupils as possible.

We primarily run ‘Career Workout’ events in schools where students can meet with real workers and ask them questions about their jobs. Career Workout has proven to be successful in Milton Keynes schools with the vast majority of students who take part saying it has given them a broader understanding of the world of work.

Whilst we are committed to running these events in the future, COVID restrictions have made it impossible for us to do this in a safe manner. This is why we have produced Career Snapshot.

For more information you can visit

I don’t have the capacity to record my own Snapshot. Is there any other way I can help?

There are two things you can do right now that will help Worktree deliver employer encounters. First off, you can share this webpage with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and social media connections. The more people who know about Snapshot, the greater success it will be. Second, you can buy us a coffee! With a donation of the price of a coffee on the high street, you can help fund the future of Worktree and make us extremely happy! 

I filled out the form but I have lost the Willo link. Do I have to fill the form in again?

No. If you have already filled in the form then you can skip this step and go straight to recording your snapshot by clicking here or via the Willo link below. Please do not use this link if you have not filled out the form.

Willo Talent is not working and I cannot record my videos, what should I do?

We have had reports of people struggling to record their snapshots when using certain devices. The most common cause of this is the internet browser you are using. The most stable browser for Willo appears to be Google Chrome. Google Chrome can be installed on all internet devices via their application stores or downloading directly from Google.

Willo Talent is a video recruitment site; why is it being used for Career Snapshot?

Early on in the development of Career Snapshot, we tried to find an off-the-shelf solution to capture video response. Willo’s platform had all the features we needed and after talks with them directly, we found them to be very supportive of our mission. Though the platform is not intended to be used as we are using it, we find it to be extremely powerful and excellent value for money.

No-one wants to hear about my job its boring. Should I record a snapshot?

Its valuable for students to hear about all jobs whether you think its boring or not, they may disagree. What ever job you have we need it uploaded into a Career Snapshot.

Its hard to get the job I have, so what is the point in recording a Career Snapshot?

Young people looking for inspiration need to understand that some jobs are unique and difficult to obtain, its good for them to know that although it may be a ‘cool’ job there may only be a handful of them around the world

What are the 6 questions I need to answer?

We’d rather not list the questions first because it could make the answers appear staged. However, we can say that the questions are based on your working day, rewards, skills, qualifications and what you like about your job.

Who is the target audience for my Snapshot?

The target audience for Career Snapshot is school students from a wide range of backgrounds between the ages of 11-16. You should try to keep this in mind when recording your Snapshot. Ideally, a video response would use language that is easy to understand without patronising the students.